New publication by Hugo Marcos-Marné, Homero Gil de Zúñiga, and Porismita Borah in the journal European Political Science.

“What do we (not) know about demand-side populism? A systematic literature review on populist attitudes”

Research on populist attitudes has bloomed in recent years, especially among political science and communication scholars. While this trend is undoubtedly positive to unravel what the causes and consequences of individuals’ populism are, rapid accumulation of knowledge is also challenging, as numerous articles are published simultaneously using diverse theoretical, methodological, and data strategies. This systematic literature review considers all articles stored in the Web of Science and published in English that refer to populist attitudes, without time restrictions (N = 138). After a detailed reading of all articles, we focus on the most relevant findings considering populist attitudes both as dependent and independent variables. Main areas of consensus, disagreements, and guidelines for future research are considered.

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