Hugo Marcos-Marné will participate in the Political Psychology preconference ‘mini-symposia’ theme ‘Beyond Left and Right – New Conceptualizations of Ideology‘, on February 17 in San Francisco, CA, USA.
Also, Salvador Vargas Salfate (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) will present the paper “A Longitudinal Test of the Conservative-Liberal Wellbeing Gap”, author by Salvador Vargas Salfate, Sammyh Khan (Örebro University), James H Liu (Victoria University of Wellington), and Homero Gil de Zúñiga (University of Salamanca).

The Political Psychology preconference brings together researchers to discuss topics in political cognition, attitudes and behavior. The aims of the preconference are to facilitate the dissemination of cutting-edge research in political psychology, honor the leaders of the field, and promote the next generation of political psychologists.

Back by popular demand, this year’s preconference will again feature themed “mini-symposia”, covering the following topics: (a) Field-Work & Real-World Interventions, (b) Beyond Left and Right – New Conceptualizations of Ideology, (c) The Politics and Psychology of Neoliberalism, and (d) Conspiracy Theories and Political Psychology. Each mini-symposia will include an extended discussion session with the audience.

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