Fátima García Díez, Alfonso Myers Gallardo, Carolina Plaza Colodro y Beatriz Tomé Alonso, publican en la revista European Political Science un artículo sobre la evolución y desarrollo de la Ciencia Política española a través del análisis de las publicaciones en los principales journals de la disciplina.

Para acceder al artículo completo: Spanish political science in Spain and abroad: top-ranked publications (1999–2014)


As other authors have said, analysing publications is a suitable method for illustrating the development of a discipline because publications are among the most important aspects of a branch of learning. To answer the two major questions posed in the introduction to this symposium – what is published? and who publishes? – we examine the evolution of Political Science in Spain, by focusing on the Political Science and International Relations articles published in top-ranked journals in Spain and at the European and international levels for the period 1999–2014. The relevance of this work is twofold. On the one hand, this symposium focuses on the evolution of the discipline in non-leading countries, providing new knowledge and data, as this has previously been neglected by discipline. On the other, our approach complements previous work that focused on other aspects of the field in Spain, such as institutionalisation and the status of women. In general, our data indicate that Spanish Political Science publications are concentrated at the country level, and there is low presence in European and international journals. Concerning the temporal patterns of publications, little change over time is observed at the national level but at the European and international levels a recent rising trajectory can be seen.