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The Democracy Research Unit (DRU) is a research group headed by Prof. Homero Gil de Zúñiga, based in the Political Science and Public Administration Area at the University of Salamanca.

Our group’s research interweaves empirical approaches from different disciplines in the social sciences including Political Science and Mass Communication to analyze, explain, and better understand the overall mechanisms that influence how citizens think about and interact with modern democratic systems.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, our lines of work are centered around the topics of digital journalism, social media and the Internet, as well as political behavior, social capital and political trust. The projects developed in the DRU mostly rely on original data gathered using a variety of methods including surveys, interviews, focus groups, experiments, and computational approaches.

Please feel free to reach us at DRU@usal.es in case you are interested in learning more about the studies carried out in the DRU, need to read a particular study and it’s not available at your library, or would like to collaborate with us in a future project!!

You can also find us on ResearchGate