Professor Emily Carty, member of the Democracy Research Unit, will participate in a roundtable on the recent midterm elections in the United States. The roundtable will also include Professor John Polga of the United [...]

NEW PUBLICATION: Abating Dissonant Public Spheres

New publication by Homero Gil de Zúñiga, Hugo Marcos-Marné, and Emily Carty in the journal Political Communication. “Abating Dissonant Public Spheres: Exploring the Effects of Affective, Ideological and Perceived Societal Political Polarization on Social [...]

SEMINAR: Italian general election by DANILO SERANI

On Thursday, 29th of September (7:00 PM Spanish time), PhD Danilo Serani will discuss the results of the 2022 national parliamentary elections in Italy, as well as the possible scenarios for the future of [...]

NEW PUBLICATION: What do we (not) know about demand-side populism?

New publication by Hugo Marcos-Marné, Homero Gil de Zúñiga, and Porismita Borah in the journal European Political Science. “What do we (not) know about demand-side populism? A systematic literature review on populist attitudes” Abstract [...]